Honeyfox Corgis
Honeyfox Corgis
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Susan & Bear

It all began…
It began innocently enough, my obsession with the little dwarf dog with the elfin grin. It wasn’t as though I hadn’t had a dog or two before. But they were always BIG dogs.

I got my first German Shepherd when I turned thirteen. There were always Shepherds around, though. My mother had them all my life. She raised them, trained them, showed them, gave obedience classes, and boarded dogs of all kinds.

I started helping with the classes as a teenager and as the years went by I did everything “dog”. I taught classes; gave private lessons; trained, showed, and titled other peoples’ dogs (as well as my own); whelped litters; and did all the assorted chores that go with having a kennel.

Learning about temperament…
The dogs that boarded in the kennel for private training ran the gamut from sweet, sensitive, and eager to learn, to dominant and pushy. Many were merely spoiled, but some had serious temperament problems, from shyness and fear aggression, to aggression towards other dogs, or people, or children, or towards their trainer.

It was while working with these dogs that I learned the importance of producing dogs with genetically good temperaments, by breeding only dogs with exceptional dispositions.

Falling in love…
In the summer of 1981 I met a Corgi at one of my mother’s obedience clinics. I don’t now know who that dog was, but in that three day period, I went from, “I’ll never have any other breed than a German Shepherd”, to “I HAVE to have a Corgi!” That little anonymous dog changed my life.

In my quest for this new breed, about which I knew little at the time, I had the marvelous good fortune to call a breeder who was to become a very dear friend and my mentor in the breed. I knew exactly what qualities I wanted in my Corgi, and what I wanted to be able to do with the dog. I explained everything to Elaine, the breeder.

I wanted a dog that was first and foremost physically and mentally sound! It had to be from a healthy line, and it had to have an outgoing, happy personality. Intelligence was a must, and he must have a good sense of humor; not fearful in any way, nor at all aggressive. And, I wanted a dog who could earn an Obedience Trial Championship. That was all.

My first Corgi…
I got EXACTLY what I requested in November of 1981, when Larklain Lees Honeybear arrived from Denver. He was then four months old, and all Corgi through and through.

Bear was happy, outgoing, had a smile that never ended, and loved any activity or game you could come up with. He was smart and eager to learn. He was content when alone, and could find games to play by himself, such as tossing apples in the air and then catching them. But what he loved the most was being with me, and doing whatever I was doing, whether chasing the hose while I hosed out the runs, following the tractor while I mowed, or acting as a distraction when I trained boarders.

He went everywhere in the car with me that winter, and it was a few months later that I discovered that there were no door handles on the car doors in the back seat. They had been eaten off flush with the doors. It was the only naughty thing he ever did, and it made it very interesting when back seat riders tried to get out of the car.

Honeyfox was born…
In 1983 Honeyfox was born with my foundation bitch of the same name. My Honeyfox was out of a half sister of Bear. She earned her Championship quite easily, and produced nine Champions in her career, garnering her a Register of Merit Excellent title, and putting her on the list of top producing dams in the United States – the all time top ten. (1935 through 2003).

After he chewed off the car door handles…
Bear earned his OTCH in July of 1986. He earned many High in Trial awards in his career, and he convinced a lot of people that they HAD to have a Corgi too. He lived to be fifteen, and as he matured and I added lots more Corgis to his home, it became obvious that he was the undisputed leader of the pack, but NEVER did I see him explain this to any of the other dogs in any discernible way, nor did I ever see a dog dispute his position. He was totally non-aggressive, but had power.

These many years later…
As of 2005 Honeyfox has produced almost 50 Champions, and Honeyfox Corgis have earned many, many obedience, agility, and herding titles. Bear’s successor in the obedience ring is Pete, affectionately known as Pete the Wonder Dog. He’s the top winning obedience Corgi in the history of the breed, and, like Bear, is a Corgi of exceptional intelligence, outgoing disposition, and fun-loving character.

Honeyfox Corgis…
Honeyfox is located on six acres in the south eastern corner of Pennsylvania, very close to the Delaware line. We have five big fenced yards for the Corgis to run around and play, and a training building where I can hold obedience classes for all breeds of dogs.

Our puppies are bred to be friendly and outgoing, as well as healthy, and structurally sound. We try to breed the type of dog that makes you smile whenever you look at him. Corgis are a lot of dog in a little package. They should be bold, but not aggressive, and friendly, not fearful. They love to go for walks, love to play games, and are equally happy just to be sitting next to you on the sofa, or going for a ride in the car. And yes, they have a sense of humor.

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